When Mr. Pee Wee Mason started rolling tamales over 50 years ago, never did he imagine that one day people from all across the country would be enjoying his delicious southwestern style tamales. Mr. Mason’s famous tamale recipe was developed right here in Memphis, Tennessee. Pee Wee learned that using the finest select cuts of meat, the highest quality spices and seasonings, and fresh mesa made from stone-ground Texas corn he could make the perfect tamale that was simply irresistible! Pee Wee started selling tamales to his neighbors and friends. When folks started coming from all over the Mississippi Delta to buy his El Terrifico Tamales, Mr. Pee Wee Mason decided he couldn’t possibly roll enough tamales to keep up with the demand so he partnered with a local restaurant owner to form the EL Terrifico Tamale Company. El Terrifico has since kept the same secret southwest tamale recipe and has added some new delicious items to their company with Pee Wee’s help. El Terrifico Tamale Co. created a Mexican Restaurant Style White Cheese Dip, an Original Mild Yellow Cheese Dip, and a traditional salsa. The cheese dip and salsa recipes stay true to Pee Wee’s original tamale recipe using only the finest ingredients including real cheeses. All of the El Terrifico Tamale Company products can be found in many retailer locations across the country as well as be purchased online.